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quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2008

A ver se não me esqueço disto ou, como dizem os ingleses, keep it in mind. 

Daily Tarot Reading - 23.04.2008

Love: The High Priestess (A Papisa)
Touchstone: The Judgement (O Julgamento)
Career: Death (A Morte)

You may be about to get a nice surprise in your love life today, Mente Assumida! Judgement and the High Priestess are uniting to make something happen that may improve your state of mind - and with it your emotional well-being. If you live alone, this may be an encounter with a new romantic someone, or a renewal of communication with your significant other if you have a partner. Get ready to seize all the opportunities that come your way!
In the professional realm, try to make the best of the ideas and inspirations that come to you. Under the influence of Death and Judgement your mind is very alert, and your intuition sharp and accurate. It would be unsurprising therefore if you came up with some truly original suggestions today, and it would be a great shame to let it go unnoticed. You have what it takes to work out a strategy that will give you more freedom, while at the same time providing better revenue or income. So, it’s well worth giving it some thought

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